Model Gallery - 1:285 The Counterattack of The Tigers

The battle of the Falaise Pocket.

August 1944.  The German Seventh and Fifth Panzer Armies were encircled by the advancing Western Allies in the area around the town of Falaise.  The Germans tried to retreat across the Seine River.  By 21 August 1944, 50,000 troops were captured and 10,000 were killed.  About 20,000 made his way to the east side of the Seine River.

12 August 1944.  With other German forces, the SS Heavy Panzer Battalion 101 was encircled in the area of Falaise.  With only 16 Tiger I tanks The SS Heavy Panzer Battalion 101 had to act as rearguard helping other German troops retreating across the river and at the same time launched minor counterattacks.  On 25 August 1944, the SS Heavy Panzer Battalion 101 arrived the west side of the Seine river with only 10 Tiger I tanks left.

This diorama illustrates the encounter that the German forces were attacked by the US tanks M4A1(76)W when the morale was the lowest during the retreat.

Three Tiger I tanks from the SS Heavy Panzer Battalion 101 came to the German’s rescue and destroyed one of the M4A1(76)W.  Upon seeing this, the German forces recovered their morale and started to fight back.

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